No matter what kind of diet or workout regimen you follow, there are certain trouble areas where flab accumulates and doesn’t shed. These stubborn deposits of fat have earned notorious nicknames, including love handles, muffin tops and thunder thighs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could effectively eliminate these spots without the conventional solutions like exercise and diet? Fortunately, there’s a solution that perfectly fits the description. Thanks to coolsculpting, a procedure whose popularity has recently exploded, you can now ditch the stubborn fat deposits that have brought you endless frustration.

Developed by experts from a leading university in conjunction with a few doctors, the revolutionary technique involves using a patented cooling technology to eliminate unwanted pockets of fat around certain areas. When carrying out the procedure, a surgeon starts by placing a special cooling device on areas of the body where fat is to be eliminated. The fat pocket is then forced between cooling panels, where it gets frozen.

Although one may feel some pressure during treatment, the procedure is largely painless. In certain cases, patients will have some redness and/or tingling sensation on the treated areas, but this will usually subside quickly. Since the whole process doesn’t involve surgery, patients are able to lose fat with little or no downtime. The reduction in fat tissue around the treated area will also provide noticeable, long-term results.

All procedures are usually performed in approved facilities. And thanks to the fact that it’s pain-free, no numbing medication or anesthesia is required. Still, patients are advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan in order to maintain the results. After all, any weight you gain after the fat reduction treatment will have to go somewhere.

When fat tissues are targeted and frozen, the patient’s body will naturally shed them as time goes by. The elimination process will usually take around 6 months. The treatment will also ensure the fat cells are permanently removed from the body, something that can’t be said of diet and exercise. They’re literally frozen away, leaving patients with a firm, well-toned body.

According to experts, it takes several treatments to get optimum results. For most patients, a single treatment will hardly yield any significant results. It should also be noted that the procedure isn’t a miracle cure for one’s fat issues. In reality, a 25 percent fat reduction around the treated area is about as much as you can get. This could be in the form of reduced bulging around your belly, or a slightly improved waistline.

The noninvasive procedure is generally devoid of health risks. That said, experts acknowledge that some patients could experience numbed nerves for a considerably long period. The machine also offers little room for error when it comes to fat removal.

And unlike the hands of an artful cosmetic surgeon, the device can’t really fine-tune the removal of fat to conform to your body’s natural proportionality. You can thus expect slight contour irregularities, as is the case with liposuction. Ultimately, the best way to address your own concerns would be to discuss them with your doctor.

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