Would you say that you have achieved your goals when it comes to weight loss and getting the figure you have always wanted? Some people find that question difficult to answer. They may be very close to their goal weight or actually at it, but they do not feel happy with the way their body looks. This is because they still have stubborn pockets of fat in areas that diet and exercise just not seem to not be getting rid of. We invite you to learn how you can achieve your goal figure with CoolSculpting.

Many individuals have looked at CoolSculpting as a miracle. It is almost miraculous because it basically allows a person to freeze away unwanted fat in specific areas of their body. It sounds like it is too good to be true. However, it is not. It is an amazing treatment that has allowed thousands of people to get rid of fat in their abdominal area and in other places by using the power of cold.

Many are fascinated by the way that the principles behind CoolSculpting were discovered. Basically, doctors were working in a children’s hospital and noticed that the children who ate Popsicles on the same side of their face every day started to get a dimple in their cheek. This led to them realizing that cold is able to destroy fat. But the amazing thing about using intense cold to destroy fat that is that the tissue, muscles, organs, and everything else that gets cold as well is left unharmed. It is only the fat that is actually affected.

So you may be wondering how the treatment is actually done. It involves placing the CoolSculpting device on an area where you have unwanted fat. The device is going to suction fat into a small area and then massage it. The area will get very cold and then eventually become numb. The treatment usually takes about 45 minutes. Our technicians will then massage the area, helping it to come back down to your normal temperature.

This is not a treatment that involves any type of injections or incisions. You come in for treatment and then you walk away and go back to all of your normal activities. In the weeks that follow your CoolSculpting treatment, you are going to see that the area starts to become slimmer. Most individuals experience about a 20 to 25 percent reduction in fat in the area that is treated. Of course, you will have to come in for your initial consultation so that we can examine the area and then help you get a good idea of what the treatment will actually do for you. Some people may need multiple treatments to achieve their goals.

CoolSculpting is not too good to be true. If you are pretty close to a healthy weight yet you are dealing with unwanted pockets of fat, we can help you get your goal figure with this treatment. Contact us today at Vimi Laser & Skin Care Center to schedule your consultation.

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