Are you looking for a treatment for stretch marks that does not involve surgery? If so, a laser stretch mark removal treatment may be just what you are seeking. The procedure involves the use of a precision laser that bypasses the outer layer of your skin to trigger the formation of new skin tissue less affected by stretch marks.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are long stripes or streaks that can develop on the surface of your skin. They form when your skin is suddenly stretched, like when you are pregnant or put on a significant amount of weight. Although anyone can develop stretch marks, they usually affect women more than men. They can appear on different areas, including the stomach, hips, thighs, lower back, and upper arms.

Stretch marks develop when your skin is not able to resume its normal shape following a period of rapid growth, often caused by pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, or puberty. A majority of women will develop stretch marks while they are pregnant.

What Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal?

The cosmetic lasers that we use are able to effectively remove stretch marks by dissolving the molecular bonds holding damaged skin tissue together. Your body’s response to this treatment is to remodel skin tissue and lay down a fresh collagen matrix to replace old, damaged skin affected by stretch marks.

Who Makes a Good Candidate?

The best candidates are those seeking to remove stretch marks caused by pregnancy or extreme weight fluctuations. Good candidates have elastic skin that is non-oily. The best candidates have realistic expectations regarding their outcomes, which is one reason that you need to inform yourself about the procedure before scheduling it. Good candidates also tend to have lighter skin tones since these individuals have a lower risk of experiencing adverse side effects.

What Happens at My Treatment Appointment?

After carefully adjusting the laser equipment to your unique specifications, we transmit laser energy under the surface of your skin to vaporize damaged skin affected by stretch marks. This encourages the growth of new skin cells to replace damaged skin tissue.

After your laser stretch mark removal procedure, your recovery and results will vary, depending upon various factors like the treatment size and type of laser that was used. More invasive treatments may lead to dramatic results, but may require a significant period of downtime. Milder techniques may reduce the appearance of stretch marks without the need for downtime.

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