More and more men and women in their middle-age years are realizing that they are living their best lives ever. A significant reason for such contentment is the commitment to healthy lifestyle changes that are improving their health, appearance and sense of well-being. However, many middle-aged adults also report an inability to get rid of that last little bit of unwanted body fat. It’s nothing you are doing wrong, it’s just that there are areas that bulge or sag as you get older and seem to resist all of your efforts. The professionals at Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic can help you complete your body renovation with CoolSculpting.

A Closer Look at CoolSculpting

The treatment does not involve any weight loss procedures nor is it a surgical treatment option. CoolSculpting gently reforms targeted areas that have been predetermined by you and our professionals. Only the small to moderate amounts of fat needed to reshape and tone the area will be removed, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.

A Cool Concept

Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than the surrounding tissue. This is a cool concept because once fat cells have been safely brought to a predetermined temperature, they crystallize and die over a period of weeks, and once they’re gone, they don’t regenerate. The body gradually eliminates the dead cells through reabsorption and elimination. Middle-aged adults like you can start to notice changes in the weeks that follow, and these changes can continue to evolve for months.

Provides a Successful Restoration

Although most all middle-aged men and women have specific age-related health considerations, CoolSculpting provides a safe and effective means to restore areas that are prone to age-related bulging. Shaping and toning do not require a surgical construction crew; there are several positive attributes that makes CoolSculpting ideal, including:

• Provides natural-looking results
• Does not affect surrounding tissue
• Does not require prolonged recovery time
• Treats multiple areas
• Eliminates targeted body fat permanently
• FDA-cleared

You have worked so hard to overcome age-related changes, and you deserve to see your efforts come to completion. The professionals at Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic are ready to help you determine if CoolSculpting is an appropriate treatment to help you put the finishing touches on the best you that you have ever been. If you are ready to discover how CoolSculpting can help you, contact us today and book an appointment at our office in Markham or Scarborough. We look forward to hearing from you!

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