“I have got so my hairs on my body :(”-women generally have this complain with them, and its not even their fault if they are inherited with excessive hairs on their body parts , it is a common problems that most of the women encounter with, after a certain age but certainly this is not a matter to be worried about as long as we are in your service.

February is the season for valentines and all the ladies out there wants to look their best. Dates, dinner, dance and dress, yes you need to be ready for all. Which, other than the valentine day could be the best time to flaunt your skin and body in front of your loved one?. Don’t you want to look your best? You obviously do, right?

How many time a women has to face a situation where she is not comfortable wearing her most favourite dress for that very special occasion?, just because the skin doesn’t feel right, because of that poky and uninvited hair that gives you a feeling of shame and embarrassment in front of others.
No more! Now you can be ready to wear that special dress that your partner also admires on this very special season of valentine and look flawless at the same time.This is what you need to do:


Waxing is the commonly practiced method for the removal of unwanted hairs from different parts of your body, namely: hands, legs, underarms, bikini-lines, stomach and back. This waxing method is very useful for people with sensitive skin, which women generally have. It removes a large amount of hair at one shot and is a long-lasting method which prevent hair to come for a period of at least eight weeks.
There are generally two kinds of wax- cold wax and hot wax, you can choose the one for you as per your need and the condition of the skin.

Here are some points that are in support of waxing:

A wax contain sugar that makes the removal of hair easy.
Waxing leaves behind a soft, smooth skin and also removes the dead skin cells from the surface.
The hair regrown after waxing are smoother that are easy to wax for the next time.
Waxing rarely causes any cuts or burns.
Waxing is the best option to remove unwanted hairs from the larger parts of the body.

Laser hair removal:

Laser hair treatment is a cosmetic procedure which is widely adapted by large number of people around the world

The best thing about the treatment is that it can be applied to any part of the body be it hand, leg, face, upper lip, bikini lines,back arm and other areas.

It is a best alternative for a cream or waxed based removal methods. Laser hair removal is precise, it only targets the pigmented area of the skin i.e the hair follicle and that is why the nearby area is free from burn and marks.

A concentrated beam of light focuses on the hair follicle. The laser than converts its energy into heat, heats up the hair follicle and prevents that follicle from growing any further.

This method has proven to be very effective and serves the clients with desired results. If you are not happy with traditional methods of hair removal, you can take ‘Laser hair treatment’ into consideration.

Why is this a better option:

It is a fast and an easy method that consumes less time
It ensures permanent hair reduction
It is advisable for reduction of hair for the larger parts of the body, such as back or legs

Threading: your face is the center of attraction

Your face is the first thing that gets noticed. In addition to all the other features, your eyebrows also speak publicly whereas a well groomed eyebrow adds to the beauty of your face. other then the larger parts of the body, surprising face is also one feature that reflects our inherited and unwanted hairs like eyebrow hairs, side burns, forehead hairs, upper lip hairs, chin and lower chin hairs. The former methods discussed for hair removal are highly efficient for the larger parts of the body but the one way that can work efficiently on the extra hair of the face is called ‘Threading”. Threading is an ancient hair removal technique on which women across the women rely,a cotton thread is used to remove the extra hair from the skin and beautifully shape the eyebrows. It lasts up to 6 weeks

Some positive aspects of the method:

No use of chemicals: Threading is a complete natural process where no chemical is applied on your face and your face is safe to the use of only a soft cotton thread. Unlike any other method, it prevents any kind of irritation. Your skin is safe from all artificial ingredients.

Perfection: ‘u get what you want’, threading is that one technique which give a desired shape to your existing eyebrows. A threading artist has a perfect view of the shape that he has to achieve.
And also you get to set free from the extra hairs on the different areas of your face through this.

Less painful: Women worldwide agree with the fact that treading is a less painful procedure that any other methods, some women also believe it to be a relaxing process.

Long lasting: The results of threading lasts for at least six weeks depending on the quality of the skin and of the hair, it is also believed that regular practice of threading may lead to the permanent damage of the hair follicle and therefore prevents hair growth.

A fast process: Plucking out every strain of your hair takes a lot of time and even waxing;threading is comparatively a fast process ,it removes multiple hairs at a short while through the help of a soft cotton thread that is simply waved through all of the hair that need to be removed then give the thread a tug. You can see the portion clean and free from hairs at a very short period of time. The whole process takes 5-15 minutes.

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