For nearly all medical ailments there is an extensive assortment of treatments available today. Patients suffering from either spider veins or varicose veins issue have to put up with all the pain and discomfiture because of this venous disorder. For seeking relief individuals can take an effectual laser leg veins treatment from a reliable and reputed salon or clinic nearby. Nowadays, several reputed and professional salons and cosmetic clinic services providers across the globe that offer surgical and minimally insidious laser veins removal treatments at cost-effective rates.

Usually, individuals suffering from varicose veins have swollen and twisted veins which turn out to be bloated because of abnormal pooling of blood at a specific place. The healthy leg veins generally have valves which get open and close, helping the blood to flow forward towards the heart. Varicose vein is a slightly abnormal condition wherein the valves cannot function as it should be and as a result the blood stays in the vein itself and gets amassed there only which appears as a red spot. This leg veins condition leads to primary symptoms including the following:

  • Extremely Swollen Limbs
  • Severe Ache and Tenderness
  • Heaviness and Weakness in Leg
  • Skin Ulcers and Skin Transformations
  • Unpleasant Swellings

Prevailing Myths about Laser Leg Vein Removal Treatments, Know how it can help:

Individuals often get perplexed while exploring the absolutely different leg vein removal treatments and procedures out there to assist them overcome the pain they bear from the varicose veins or spider veins. They might blend in sclerotherapy that involves injections of a chemical sclerant and laser leg vein removal therapy that uses the laser energy to close or annihilate tricky veins.

Both of the above mentioned procedures are quite unique and depending on different elements, a vein specialist would recommend one or the other. In certain circumstances, the methods might be blended to assist in optimizing outcomes, though a vein specialist must be consulted before endeavouring this mishmash of treatment.

The chemical substances that are being used in sclerotherapy include either hypertonic saline or sodium tetradecyl sulphate. The chemical is used to disturb the vessel wall to break it down, shrink and eventually recede completely to remove the unpleasant look of the condition. The procedure is quite safe and does not engross downtime after the treatment. Patients get back to work or carry out their different day-to-day activities after the treatment.

In addition to the conventional liquid formulation employed in sclerotherapy, a foam form of the chemical sclerant could be used further. The foam formulation has some amazing benefits over the liquid formulation. It is easier to watch on ultrasound and allows handily tracking and assuring its resourceful spread into the treatment area. It also makes it quite easy to transfer blood in the vein, allowing for enhanced contact along with the vessel wall for a longer span of time.

There might also be some unnecessary side effects associated with sclerotherapy and foam sclerotherapy and those engrossed must schedule an appointment with a laser leg vein removal specialist to talk about with them before getting started with the treatment.

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