Undoing the skin damage caused by sun exposure, pollutants and lifestyle choices can be an uphill battle. Despite using the best over-the-counter products available in the grocery store or pharmacy, you still may not get the younger and fresher look you want. Rather than put up with skin that looks dirty, aged and damaged, you may get the results you have been striving for by undergoing a HydraFacial treatment. Learn what this popular treatment is and how it is performed.

What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a cosmetic procedure that is performed entirely in a cosmetic doctor’s office or medical spa. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish. It is non-invasive and comfortable and offers long-lasting improvements in the look, feel and quality of your skin.

Treatments are performed primarily on the face and are designed to undo months or years’ worth of damage that causes the skin to look prematurely aged, dirty and damaged by pimples, acne and similar skin conditions.

The results of a HydraFacial treatment are relatively easy to maintain. This procedure can be repeated on a monthly basis without any side effects to one’s health.

How is HydraFacial Performed?

A typical treatment session is conducted in a four-step process that takes about a half hour or less to complete. The first step, typically done by our technician, involves cleaning and deplaning the face.

Your face will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution before using a dermaplaning tool to remove dirt, oil and other debris from the surface. During this step, you may feel as if your skin is being pulled or tugged by the dermaplaning device, but it is not uncomfortable.

The next step involves the application of an acid peel. Again, the acid is not uncomfortable. However, it might cause a slight tingling sensation on your skin.

The peel will remain on your skin for several minutes before your doctor uses a suctioning device to remove dirt, oil and hair follicles from your pores. The vacuuming is likewise comfortable but can be a bit noisy.

Finally, our specialist will apply a nutrient-laden serum to your face to finish the procedure. This serum contains vitamins and minerals that will foster healthy skin cell growth. The new skin cells give your face a fresh, younger and more toned look.

You may be advised to avoid wearing cosmetics for the first two or three days after your treatment. You also will be cautioned to use high-quality moisturizers, cleansers, eye creams and sunscreen to maintain your results. If desired, you can undergo a HydraFacial treatment on a monthly basis to maintain your fresh, healthy skin.

The HydraFacial treatment is a safe, non-invasive and gentle cosmetic treatments for skin that looks prematurely aged, dirty, and otherwise damaged. This procedure is done in the doctor’s office or medical spa. It removes dirt, oil and other debris from deep within the pores on your face and encourages healthy cell growth.

HydraFacial is a safe and gentle treatment that can help you easily maintain your best quality of skin. We are pleased to offer this popular treatment with expertise at Vimi Medi Spa in Scarborough, ON. Contact us today to book your first appointment and learn more!

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