Each morning, you begin an important ritual of getting yourself out of bed and making yourself look beautiful for your daily routine. While this ritual often starts with rubbing the sleepies out of your eyes, it eventually gets to the point where you are stripping unwanted hair from your body with a razor. This has been your routine for a very long time now, even the part where you laboriously clean the hair out of the drain. What you are hoping for is a new way of carrying out this daily ritual. You long for a futuristic time when unwanted hair is removed from your body and you can spend more time sleeping in and just relaxing in the tub instead. Well, believe it or not, that future is now. Science has come to a point where lasers can be used to treat unwanted hair. We’re talking about laser hair removal at our office in Scarborough.

Your First Visit

Once you learned about laser hair removal, you just knew you wanted to give it a try. This procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. A technician at our office in Scarborough will be using a laser over your skin to direct carefully controlled laser energy at the hair follicles of your skin. The laser works at an amazing speed, targeting a patch of hair the size of a quarter each second. When it comes to much larger areas of your body, this can take considerably longer. Nevertheless, the procedure is still relatively quick.

In the past, laser hair removal used to only work for people with certain types of skin and hair. Today, however, lasers are more advanced and can be safely calibrated for many different types of people.

How Many Visits Will You Need?

While it would be nice if laser hair removal was a one-time thing, it is not. This method requires multiple treatments with us in Scarborough. Eventually, however, you should reach a point where shaving is needed less and less, if at all.

Schedule an appointment at Vimi Med Spa in Scarborough or Markham to learn more. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, too. Our team is happy to help! Contact us today to book your consultation.

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