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Vimi Skin & Laser Clinic

Owned and operated by Chetna Patel, was founded in 1993 in response to the growing demand for non-surgical remedies to everyday skin concerns. Our designated cosmetic clinic provides a comfortable and luxurious setting for those seeking individual cosmetic consultations, physician-grade skin care products and the technologically advanced skin treatments.


Our Passion for Beauty

At Vimi Laser Clinic, we understand what women and men want. We face many of the same issues that you do: unwanted hair, sun damaged skin, stretch marks, belly fat and more. We also appreciate how certain skin conditions can affect your self-esteem: acne, rosacea, pigmentation—you name it, we’ve been there too.

It’s true that one of the perks of working in aesthetics is that we get to try all the skin treatments, but it also enables us to evaluate the procedure and its results, and relate those experiences to you. And when testing a new skin treatment technology, if we don’t see the results that we’re after, we won’t offer the treatment to our patients.


Vimi’s Amazing

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Florence Stewart
Founder, CEO

Our Mission

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Dr. Donna Birbrager

Dr. Donna Birbrager is medical practitioner licensed to practice Medicine in the Province of Ontario.

She is certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.She holds a M.D. from McMaster University and has pursued specialty training in Toronto and the United States.

She has expanded her expertise to include advanced training in cosmetic injections specializing in BOTOX Cosmetic and the spectrum of dermal fillers. She has extensive training and experience and has been practicing in the cosmetic field for over 10 years.