lpg mobilift

Face Lift by LPG Mobilift
  • Scientific world firstHyaluronic acid +80%
  • Natural elastin +46%
  • Radiance +98%
  • Smoothed wrinkles +21%
  • Firmness +23%
  • Breakdown of collagen prevented; synthesis of new, quality collagen
Mobilift® M6 for effective and natural anti-aging treatments

With nearly 30 years of expertise, MOBILIFT M6 (2013 innovation) now includes the Ergolift treatment head and its patented technological innovation MPF¹.

MOBILIFT M6 provides the ideal facial treatment: Endermolift, next generation:

  • Scientifically proven effectiveness by a world first study²
  • 100% natural
  • Quick treatments: 10 min for the new “targeted” treatments, up to 30 min for an anti-aging facial and neck treatment
  • Pleasant and comfortable

Compact, portable, and versatile, LPG experts can easily take it from one treatment center to the next or travel with it. It comes with a set of ergonomic furniture.

  • LPG Mobilift Face Treatment: $150 (Full Face including Eyes & Neck)
  • LPG Mobilift Eye Treatment: $75
  • LPG Mobilift Neck & Double chin: $60
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