Spa Treatments


Using twisted thread against the skin, threading removes unnecessary hair by the root. Idle hair would vanish for sure, the treatment lasting longer than waxing. Partial or full face.


Everybody is concerned about getting rid of cumbersome hair. The cream waxing method used is both eco-friendly and helps little or big areas. Italian disposable wax cartridges show superb results.

Laser Hair Removal

Within an hour, Lightsheer gets rid of unwanted hair forever. The laser technique essentially raises the temperature of the melanin and surrounding tissue by means of light energy, causing degeneration.


The very popular facial treatment comes in a great variety, targeted at acne, pigmentation, microdermabrasion and so many more. Hydrafacial, ZO Skin Health and Fotofacial are other choices, depending upon fancy.

LPG Mobilift

Face, eyes, neck and double chin are all put in shape with Mobilift® in a totally natural approach. Pleasant and quick, get a firm and radiant feel within minutes.


The principle behind this instant facelift is simple enough, the surface layer of skin being buffed away. By peeling away the dead cells of the epidermis, a new radiance shines through.

Oxygen Facial Treatment

An excellent antidote to the aging process, bio-oxygen revives the skin and gets rid of wrinkles. Three treatments are used in skin therapy that is guaranteed to deliver the most satisfying results.

RF Face Tightening

Forehead, cheeks, neck, midface, and jawline – sagging and wrinkles are straightened. Radio waves heat the muscles and tissue that lie under the skin. See the results immediately, and gradually too, as collagen builds up.

Instant Facelift – Teosyal

Get dermal fillers injected into the skin. Hyaluronic acid exists in the skin and absorbs water to maintain a swollen, soft epidermis. HA has a gel form. The hydrated skin would glow.

Pedicure & Manicure

Besides the feel good factor, taking care of hands and feet would bring many benefits in the long term. Dead cells are gone, cuticles treated and blood flow stimulated in the hands.

Massaging the most neglected feet gets rid of aches. Besides the cleaning and trimming of nails, moisturizers keep the skin hydrated and stimulate circulation.

Body Massage & Body Treatment

Hot rock massages do bring immense rejuvenation, besides the euphoria. Regular massages keep the body in fighting good shape, promote an active lifestyle and boost metabolism.

Body Polish and Mud Wrap do not merely increase aesthetics but promote physical wellness with a variety of stimulating treatments. The body does require ample maintenance.

Visia Skin Analysis

Within a few minutes, a digital skin analysis reveals details with regard to wrinkles and pores, texture and bacteria, UV spots and photodamage. Treatments can be customized accordingly with VISIA® skin analysis.

Makeup & Hair Style

Brides- to- be would love the exquisite, caring hairstyles and make up our workers would arrange so artistically. Air Brushing Makeup, Henna for the bride and Saree Draping are additional services to set the glorious scene.


Truly artistic, tattoos have charmed everybody and brides appreciate them too, in henna or in gold. Awesome designs win many hearts and soulful looks.

Princess Spa (Under 10)

The little girls must have their share too, and we cater with haircuts, manicure and pedicure and facials. Good habits best to begin at a young age.

Men Spa – Makrham

LPG and RF, haircuts and facials, waxing and nail care apply to the male customers too. Get going with a little healthy indulgence and lots of passion.