Women do a lot of different things when it comes to grooming their eyebrows and other areas. Brow upkeep in particular can be time-consuming and a big hassle. If you’ve never heard of hair removal via threading, you’ll definitely want to learn more because this method offers a no-fuss, precise way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Threading actually goes back centuries, though it may be new to you. It has Eastern roots and has recently become mainstream in Western cultures. The process shapes your eyebrows by removing the unwanted hair. Two intertwined pieces of thread are pulled taut and twisted in order to quickly remove the strands of hair between them in one rapid swoop. Your hair will be removed by the root.


Threading only uses strands of thread to remove the hair follicles. There are no chemicals like dyes, carcinogens, artificial fragrances or other harsh ingredients that can be found in hair waxes or depilatories.

No Cuts

Unlike shaving, you won’t have nicks or cuts with this process. Your hair is swiftly removed by the follicle’s root. You don’t have to worry about the discomfort, bleeding or potential for infection that can come from these small wounds.


Threading lasts much longer than other hair removal methods. That’s because the hair is removed from the root. You can expect to go multiple weeks between sessions. That adds to the convenience and appeal of the procedure.

No Major Discomfort

Truly. Threading is not a highly uncomfortable experience. Many people fear that it will be, as it can look pretty intimidating. A skilled technician works so quickly and precisely that most people find it to be far more comfortable than waxing.

Better Brow Definition

Threading is probably the most precise hair removal method there is. One hair can be removed at a time or an entire straight lines can be taken out at a desired angle. This allows the technician to give you a well-defined arch and shape to your brows, more so than with other techniques.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Threading really is quite gentle. It doesn’t rip or tear the hair follicle from the root. It’s more of a pruning method. Therefore, it won’t be abrasive to your skin.

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