If you see stubborn pockets of fat when you look at yourself in the mirror, know that you’re not alone. Every single day around the globe, millions of individuals look at themselves in their mirror and are unhappy with what they see looking back. What makes the situation frustrating for many is that they are unhappy with the way that they look even though they diet and exercise in order to look their best. If you are like so many other people out there, no matter how hard you exercise, no matter how hard you diet and no matter what foods you stay away from, you just cannot get the stubborn pockets of fat to disappear. Although liposuction has helped many people sculpt their body, one would also have to admit that liposuction has a ton of risks. CoolSculpting® has become one of the most sought-after non-surgical fat reduction options on the market today, and for good reason!

It is important to note that CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss procedure. It’s not designed to help individuals who are obese get down to a healthy weight. Instead, it’s designed for individuals who are at or close to their healthy BMI, but are struggling to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat. These individuals have tried diet and exercise, and they’re still left with stubborn fat in certain areas.

The CoolSculpting® procedure uses controlled cooling technology. During the treatment, controlled cooling is used to attack and destroy the fat cells in the part of the body that is being treated. As these fat cells are brought down to a cool temperature, they rupture, release their content and die. Over the course of the following weeks, your body will begin to absorb and remove the fat cells. Gradually, you will watch as the treated area becomes thinner and the fat in that area goes away.

One of the awesome things about CoolSculpting® is that the results are designed to be permanent. When fat cells in a treated area are destroyed, they’re gone for good and don’t come back. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, the fat reduction from CoolSculpting® will be with you for the rest of your life.

Are you tired of your pudgy midsection, love handles or stubborn thigh fat? If so, don’t throw in the towel. Schedule a consultation at Vimi Medi Spa, with offices in Markham and Scarborough, so that you can learn more about CoolSculpting® and how it may work in your case. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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