CoolSculpting® is an amazing way to get your ideal body shape completely non-invasively. Without any scalpels, incisions or anesthesia, you can experience permanent fat removal with none of the downtime usually associated with surgical procedures, such as liposuction. CoolSculpting® gives you and other busy people a way to sculpt curves into their bodies, get rid of problematic fatty deposits that have long been embarrassing them and feel great about themselves in all of their favorite clothes.

When you learn more about CoolSculpting®, you will feel more comfortable choosing this treatment at our clinic. First, you can set your mind at ease about this treatment’s safety. CoolSculpting® is completely safe and has been FDA-approved for years. Because it is non-invasive, there are few risks or side effects associated with it.

CoolSculpting® can be used on men or women of nearly any age who have stubborn deposits of fat on hard-to-target areas of their bodies. In fact, we have used this successfully on the belly and other areas. These areas are traditionally hard to tone especially after major weight loss or pregnancy and childbirth. With CoolSculpting®, these fat cells are gone forever. By following a healthy diet and a good exercise pattern, you can maintain your beautiful shape permanently.

This treatment is conveniently done right in our clinic. We will set you up in a comfortable treatment room, attach the CoolSculpting® device to the treatment zone and let you rest comfortably. After the treatment, you will simply go on with your day. There is no need to rest, avoid certain activities or take any medications.

Results with CoolSculpting® are not immediate, but they are visible within weeks after your first treatment. This is because your treated area will gradually slim down as the fat cells are eliminated by the body through natural processes.

At Vimi Medi Spa, we know that it can be difficult to choose what treatment is right for you when it comes to getting your ideal shape. That is why we offer consultations at our offices in Scarborough and Markham where you can ask your questions about various treatments, and we can assess your body and your needs to determine which treatment is best for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started!

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