Are you considering laser skin resurfacing in order to improve the look of your skin? Look no further. The experts at Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic have put together a list of some helpful things to know before you decide whether or not the treatment is right for you. You are warmly invited to learn more about laser skin resurfacing, what to expect, common results, tips, and more!

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and other irregularities, and it is performed by directing short, concentrated beams of pulsing light at a desired area. This pulsing laser light removes the topmost layers of your skin to reveal the healthier and more radiant skin underneath to potentially take years off your appearance.


It’s important to know that excess exposure to the sun right after having a laser skin resurfacing treatment is not recommended. That’s why many people opt to schedule their treatments during the fall and winter months. No matter what time of year you opt for laser skin resurfacing, always use a broad-spectrum SPF when you are exposed to the sun. You don’t want to incur any sun damage after having your restorative treatment.

Skin Tone

It is a common misconception that those with darker skin tones should shy away from laser skin resurfacing. If you have a naturally dark skin tone, there are still safe methods available to you that will not cause damage or discoloration. We can help you select the right solution for your skin type and goals.


If you opt for laser skin resurfacing, you should note that one treatment may not be enough. While there are some cases where an individual only needs one treatment, most people find that they require multiple treatments for the best results.


It is not uncommon for someone to need some downtime after having a laser skin resurfacing treatment. With our treatment, recovery may take as little as four days. However, it all depends.

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If you are ready to have smooth, youthful skin again, the experts at Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic are ready to help. We can easily customize each treatment for your individual situation. If you have questions or would like to learn more, set up a time to stop by our office in Scarborough or Markham. We look forward to discussing your goals and future results with you. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started!

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