Diet and exercise aren’t always enough to get at the tough pockets of fat that show themselves on the stomach, thighs, arms, and other areas. These are the areas of the body that store energy in the form of fat, which is actually the preferred form of energy for your muscles and liver. Since muscles burn fat for energy, strength training exercises aimed at these areas can burn more fat continuously. Still, all of this effort might not get you the body you desire. Non-surgical fat removal procedures that we offer have helped many of our clients feel more satisfied with their appearances. One of the best of these is CoolSculpting®.

Reducing Fat with Cold

Before CoolSculpting® became available to the public, most people turned to liposuction in order to get rid of stubborn fat. Thankfully, that is no longer the case today. More and more men and women are opting for CoolSculpting®, and for good reason!

This is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses extremely cold temperatures to safely and effectively destroy fat cells. The body naturally gets rid of the treated fat cells after the treatment. This helps the results to look natural and beautiful.

More than one treatment may be needed to fine-tune the results. More than one area of your body can be treated with this non-surgical fat removal option, and the same is true even if you have a double chin!

How Can CoolSculpting® Address a Double Chin?

A double chin can persist even after significant weight loss has been achieved. We can reduce double chins by destroying the fat that causes it in the first place. This can be accomplished using a CoolSculpting® treatment as well. The treatment is versatile in that it can be used on various areas, including the thighs, back, flanks, arms, and much more!

Get in Touch with Us for More Information

Our non-surgical fat removal treatments are safe, effective and require no downtime afterwards. Remember that it’s still important to stick to your diet and exercise regimen before and after the treatments for long-lasting results. If you choose to come to Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic for treatment, we will arrange a treatment plan carefully tailored to your specific needs and health level. We have offices located in Scarborough and Markham. Contact us today to set up a consultation and get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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