When looking for cosmetic treatments, you likely want something that is not only going to improve your appearance, but you likely want something that will actually improve the health of your skin. When you have healthy skin, you have an attractive appearance. They go hand in hand. We invite you to learn about ThermiSmooth®, the anti-aging treatment offered by Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic.

The aging process can cause our muscles to weaken. This means that our skin is not as tight as it used to be. In fact, it is very common for individuals to see sagging facial skin on their brow, around their eyes, and along their jawline. All of this causes creases and wrinkles on the face. ThermiSmooth® helps to strengthen and thicken the skin. It uses radio-frequency in order to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. Since the health of your skin is improved, the appearance of your skin will improve as well.

You do not have to worry about experiencing any discomfort with the ThermiSmooth® treatment. When the actual treatment is performed, you will be sitting in a reclined position. We will apply a smooth gel to the area where the treatment will take place. Then, one of the members of our team will pass the ThermiSmooth® handpiece over the areas that need to receive treatment.

The practitioner is going to have the ability to regulate the amount of energy that is delivered to the skin when the treatment is taking place. It uses advanced technology to maintain a consistent temperature in order to keep you feeling comfortable during the entire treatment. It is completely safe.

You are a good candidate for ThermiSmooth® if you have wrinkles and fine lines that you would like to treat. It is perfect for individuals who would like to improve the texture of their facial skin. It is also great for individuals who would like to improve the appearance and condition of their skin but do not want to use surgery or other procedures that are invasive.

You are likely to see benefits from your treatment as soon as the first session is over. Repeat treatments up to 3-6 times will result in optimal anti-aging success. To learn more, call or visit us today at Vimi Laser & Skin Care Clinic, located in Markham and Scarborough, ON.

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