Smoother, plumper skin with a more balanced tone and healthy glow are something most people dream about. Rosacea, however, can cause issues that are challenging to resolve, but oxygen facials are one incredible rosacea treatment option to consider at our clinic during your next visit.

Why Oxygen Is Exceptional

These unique facials are a longtime favorite of celebrities because the theory is one of anti-aging in which the pressurized oxygen is designed to accelerate the absorption of moisturizing elements like hyaluronic acid. The special facial allows the face and neck to appear rested, radiant, and more youthful.

For those frustrated by rosacea and its common symptoms of redness, bumps, and blotchiness, oxygen facials have been proven to deliver excellent calming effects and are highly recommended to temper the chronic, inflammatory condition.

Rosacea Complexions Can Benefit

Rosacea is actually more common than many people know. For instance, here in the United States alone, one in twenty people have rosacea. In terms of real numbers, that amounts to approximately 14 million who deal with the condition.

Oxygen facials seem to bring major relief to the redness, bumps and blotchiness and offer strength to delicate, inflamed broken capillaries. Oxygen, itself, is able to eliminate toxins, enhance circulation, boost healing and reduce stress.

An Elegant Rosacea Treatment

Oxygen facials are comfortable and luxe beauty treatments for all complexion types. The device used to perform the facial resembles a makeup artist’s airbrush gun that introduces oxygen directly into the skin’s pores. The pure oxygen used under hyperbaric pressure is usually treated with a number of supplements (infusions) that are good for the complexion.

Clients who are fans of oxygen facials enjoy the calming and cool effects the treatment produces. Best of all, oxygen is clean, meaning it’s naturally anti-bacterial, and that is essential for people challenged with the inflammatory symptoms.

Those with rosacea understand the frustration that arises with this common skin condition. Some people have tried topical and oral medications but prefer the effectiveness of oxygen facials for their purity and noticeable results. If you suffer with rosacea and are seeking a beauty treatment with encouraging benefits, then please speak with the professionals at Vimi Laser & Skincare Clinic in Scarborough and Markham, ON. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more about rosacea treatment options!

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