Smoothing the skin and achieving better overall texture and tone can be achieved through various procedures, but light therapy has been shown to be the simplest and least invasive. Surgical procedures can correct wrinkles and folds, but they won’t improve the skin tone. IPL photofacial treatments can help to correct both texture problems and bad skin tone. One of the most popular types of light energy treatment is intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL therapy.

This treatment differs slightly from laser therapy because it doesn’t involve the use of monochromatic light. Lasers produce light of a single frequency, the frequency of heat waves. On the other hand, IPL produces a broad range of frequencies, and the device used can be calibrated to deliver the right combination of wavelengths to target specific tissues. This form of skin rejuvenation has many advantages, including the treatment of dark spots, injury scarring, fine wrinkles, and even freckles. It also stimulates tissue production, as well as collagen production.

We always consult with the client before agreeing to perform IPL photofacial treatments. It’s important for us to examine the facial features, determine the cause of the unwanted skin condition, and note the depth and severity of any discolorations, such as liver spots and acne scars. We can design a customized treatment procedure that targets all of these problems, but we need to know how to calibrate the IPL device for maximum results.

During the IPL photofacial treatment, the light energy passes right through the epidermis and is absorbed by the denser tissues that lie beneath. This energy absorption damages the tissues slightly. The body will respond by creating new tissue at an accelerated rate.

There is no downtime for the client after receiving an IPL photofacial treatment. Normal activities can be resumed at once. There may be a bit of reddening on the face, but this typically goes away in a matter of hours.

This is a simple, yet effective treatment that is 100 percent non-invasive. There’s no surgery, no skin ablation, no chemical infusion or injection, and no abrasive resurfacing. It’s no wonder that IPL photofacials are rapidly becoming one of the most popular outpatient skin rejuvenation procedures worldwide.

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